A challenging and rewarding career opportunity that will allow me to utilize
my broad technical skill set, creativity, and innovative problem solving capabilities.


  • Broad technical skill set and experience base, extreme flexibility,
    and the ability to wear many functional hats with equal effectiveness.
  • Strong work ethic and attention to detail; both independently and
    within a team environment.
  • Quick study. Able to pick up new technologies and gain proficiency
    in a relatively short period of time.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, ASP, JavaScript,
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Windows Servers, IIS, Exchange 2003 & 2000 Servers,
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Plumtree Portal
  • e-commerce Web Application Design & Development, Object Oriented
    Design, Relational Database Design, Windows Application Design &
    Development, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and
    Systems Administration


Senior Software Engineer / Web Developer
Mar. 2008 – Present
Cary, NC

  • Quickly took over primary responsibility for support, maintenance,
    and ongoing development for a collection of e-commerce and software
    product support systems. This included an online store e-commerce web
    application, product entitlement web application, internal product
    fulfillment administration Windows application, online training
    registration web application, and a number of other associated
    administration web applications and services.
  • Online store website & administration web tool design,
    development, and maintenance (ASP & ASP.NET 2.0 / C# / JScript /
    SQL 2005)
  • Customer Service Center website & administration web tool design,
    development, and maintenance (ASP & ASP.NET / C# / JScript / SQL 2005)
  • Product Fulfillment Administration System Windows application design,
    development, and maintenance (.NET 2.0 / C# / SQL 2005 / Web Services)
  • Product Entitlement Download Site design, development, and maintenance
    (ASP.NET 2.0 / C# / SQL 2005 / Web Services)
  • Online Training Registration Website design, development, and maintenance
    (ASP.NET 2.0 / C# / SQL 2005 / Web Services)
  • Lead Developer responsible for migrating online store, customer management,
    and entitlement systems to new centralized systems and facilitating system

Web Architect / Lead Web Developer

Nov. 2005 – Mar. 2008
City of Raleigh
Raleigh, NC

  • The City of Raleigh’s Web Services division strives to provide
    innovative web-based solutions (both intranet and Internet) to
    benefit both internal City employees and public citizens.
  • Managed project to migrate QA and production portal application
    environments from remote hosting facility to City of Raleigh internal
    data center. The result of this effort saved the City approximately
    $10k a month in service and maintenance costs.
  • Took over the responsibility for development, enhancement and
    maintenance of the City’s public portal web site. (Plumtree Portal
    5.x, ASP.NET [C# & VB.NET], SQL Server 2000, XML)
  • Gained proficiency with the Plumtree application and architecture
    in a relatively short period of time. Had no previous experience with
    any Plumtree products or technologies prior to this engagement.
  • Designed and developed a number of additional features and system
    improvements and integrated them into the existing portal architecture.
    These changes greatly improved the flexibility, efficiency, and
    maintainability of many application components and sub-systems.
  • Responsible for supporting and improving previously existing
    internal web applications as well as designing and developing new
    systems. (ASP, ASP.NET[C# & VB.NET], SQL Server 2000/2005,
    Oracle, Microsoft Access)
  • Handled all custom web application design and development requests
    that were submitted to Web Services from other IT divisions and non-IT
    departments within the organization. (ASP.NET[C#])
  • Active member of the City’s IT departmental SOA Governance Team,
    Change Advisory Board, Technical Innovations Project Team, and One
    Face Forward committee.

Technical Architect / Senior Developer / Systems Administrator / DBA
April 2003 – Nov. 2005
Web Basix, Inc.
Durham, NC

  • Web Basix is a leader in e-business solutions, software development,
    web site design and business class hosting.
  • Managed project and led development effort to port data-driven,
    corporate real estate web application for national property broker from
    Linux/Java/JSP/PostgreSQL technologies to Microsoft .NET/SQL Server
    environment. Functioned as Lead Developer and Lead Database Designer as
    well as Project Manager. (Microsoft ASP.NET [C#], SQL Server 2000)
  • Led design and development of a secure FTP client utility application.
    (Microsoft .NET [C#], Windows Application)
  • Managed project and led the design and development of an e-commerce
    application and backend database for an international retailer. Redesigned
    solution resulted in a 40% increase in online order revenue during the
    first 12 months. This system is currently generating over $500k per month
    in online order revenue. (Microsoft ASP.NET [C#], SQL Server 2000)
  • Took over the responsibility for development, enhancement and maintenance
    of a Red Hat Linux/Java/JSP/PostgreSQL web solution for a national corporate
    property broker. (Red Hat Linux, Java, JSP, PostgreSQL)
  • Member of development team that designed and built an integrated e-commerce
    solution for a large art supplies retailer offering an 80,000+ product catalog.
    This system was integrated with a third-party product catalog & inventory
    system and averaged over $250k of online revenue per month. (Microsoft ASP.NET
    [C#], SQL Server 2000)
  • Took over development, maintenance and support responsibilities for an
    existing e-commerce web solution. Designed and developed new functionality
    per client request. The resulting solution averages over $275k of online
    revenue per month and has been live since 2002. (Microsoft ASP, SQL Server
  • In addition to development responsibilities, also functioned as the
    organization’s primary systems and database administrator. This included
    installing, configuring, and maintaining web servers, email servers, FTP
    servers, application servers and network appliances for both the internal
    organization as well as the client web hosting operation. At that time,
    Web Basix provided web hosting and email services for approximately 100
    client organizations. (Microsoft Windows 2003, 2000 & NT 4.0 Servers,
    IIS, DNS, DHCP, Microsoft Exchange 2003 & 2000, Microsoft SQL Server
    2000, IPSwitch IMail Server, Red Hat Linux, PostrgreSQL, SonicWall firewalls
    & routers)

Staff Consultant / Technical Analyst
Jan. 1998 – April 2003
CSC Consulting

Cincinnati, OH

  • CSC Consulting is a global leader in management consulting and systems
  • Member of EDI-HIPAA implementation and remediation team for international
    healthcare provider. Designed and developed WLI workflows and Java class
    libraries to interpret and stage data for backend processing and EDI delivery.
    (BEA Weblogic Server 7.0, Weblogic Integration Server 7.0, AIX, Oracle, Java,
  • Led development effort for an informational and registration web site for
    national charity organization. Designed and developed web site and associated
    backend database. This was a solo effort that was successfully completed within
    an extremely tight timeframe and budget. Received commendation from client
    organization for quality of work and results. This effort led to CSC obtaining
    additional contract from client worth over $850k. (Java, JSP, Tomcat, Oracle 8i,
  • Jr. Network Architect & ASP Developer for an e-business portal project
    for a major packaging solutions provider. This was a Microsoft pilot project.
    CSC worked side-by-side with Microsoft Consulting throughout this effort.
    (Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 1.0, ASP, Digital Dashboard, LDAP, WebDav)
  • Led project to design and develop a functional prototype of an online
    employee time and attendance system for a medical management & consulting
    organization. (Microsoft ASP, Microsoft Access)
  • Member of employee healthcare data warehousing project team for a “Big 5”
    automotive manufacturer. Designed and developed data transforms, SQL scripts
    and Oracle stored procedures for loading and validating healthcare provider
    data. Medical claims analysis made possible by this system helped the client
    save more than $10million dollars in employee healthcare premiums and expenses.
    Received commendation from client for hard work and commitment to the project’s
    success. (Informatica PowerCenter Data Management Suite, Oracle databases, UNIX)
  • Designed and developed an employee intranet site for international commercial
    truck and heavy equipment manufacturer. (Microsoft ASP, Microsoft Access)
  • Lead developer for employee intranet site for major electric utility.
    (Microsoft ASP, Microsoft Access)
  • After completing CSC’s corporate associate training program, I was offered
    and accepted the responsibility and duties of the systems and LAN administrator
    for the Cincinnati, Ohio regional office. Supported community of over 150 local
    and remote corporate users and consultants. Maintained all IT systems and
    infrastructure. Coordinated and implemented complete office local area network
    redesign, upgrade and installation. (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Servers, Lotus
    Notes Domino Server, LAN/WAN, DNS, DHCP, Windows 2000 & 95 workstations)
  • Member of a three-person team that received a prestigious corporate award
    for innovation and a compensation bonus for contributions to a large Y2K testing


University of Toledo – Toledo, OH
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Engineering


Available upon request.

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