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Great List of Programmer Tools

Jesse Liberty recently posted this list of essential programmer utilities. It’s definitely worth a look. I am already using about a third of these, but will definitely check out some of the others. Thanks, Jesse!

Best Practices for Avoiding SQL Injection Attacks

A friend of mine recently brought this helpful link to my attention. It’s a very useful (and somewhat comical) listing of best practices for preventing SQL Injection attacks for various web programming languages. Thanks Sean!

Table Layouts vs. Div Layouts

This is a very good article discussing the age-old tables vs. divs web structure debate. A lot of good comparisons, code examples, and best practices are included. Check it out:

Web Developer Cheat Sheets

Good post directing to a couple of good developer cheat sheet sites:

New Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques

Great article providing a number of links to AJAX & Javascript tutorials and technique demos.