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Eric S. Davis

Entries for February, 2009

Using Vista Install Media to Perform a Complete Disk-to-Disk Copy

A co-worker recently brought this article to my attention. It’s a little-known trick to use the RoboCopy utility included on the Windows Vista installation media to perform a complete disk-to-disk copy between 2 hard disks – no need for Partition Magic or any other 3rd-party tool. Comes in really handy if you want to upgrade [...]

Clear And Effective Communication In Web Design

Good article discussing some effective techniques and best practices for clear web site communication.

Detecting and Fixing Orphaned Users in SQL Server

From time to time I have run into the annoying issue of orphaned SQL Server database users and decided to pass on some useful information on how to resolve this situation. The most common operation that will result in one or more orphaned database users is performing a database restore from a backup file to [...]